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Danielly Ludwig

Life & Career Coaching

Napa, CA 94558

What do i do?

"I'm a life and career coach specializing in helping people overcome their challenges and find their strengths to achieve their life and career goals.

My passion is to help others realize their full potential, build self-confidence, and find purpose."

A little bit about my journey...


2022 - Present

2019 - 2021

2013 - 2019

2006 - 2012

2003 - 2004

Childhood and teenage

"Imagine your future and work for it until it's done."

Hired by G3 Enterprises as an administrative assistant, I have achieved many certifications in business while pursuing my AA Degree in Accounting and Business Management. Received awards and recognitions for completing safety and management projects. Improving my Spanish and Italian at Napa Valley College. Volunteer as peer coach tutor at NVC.

Moving to Napa Valley in 2017, I acquired customer service and hospitality certifications. My first job in the US in 2018 was at Andretti Winery. Since then, I have been learning Spanish, improving my English, and acquiring certifications in Life, career, family, and business coaching.

Launched an online beauty store in 2013, importing products from Europe and exporting to South America—improved Social Media, customer service, e-commerce, and platform administration skills.

While acquiring experience as an instructor for a private school, my areas of expertise were: Graphic Design, AutoCAD, Interior Design, Administration skills, and Accounting. I also assisted in office duties. Attended college in International Business.

While in high school, I worked as an intern. Taught computer skills and Microsoft Office to kids, adults, and seniors, including people with special needs and Down syndrome.

Grew up on a farm owned by my parents in a small and beautiful city. Discipline and cultural traditions were essential for my growth and education. My native language is German, followed by Italian, and then Portuguese.

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