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Welcome to the launch of the new and improved Danielly Ludwig website and my first blog post! My name is Danielly Ludwig and I am so excited to share with you MORE of what I do and know !

The amount of ideas, how-to’s and inspiration whirling around in my head is ready to jump out. I  wanted to start by telling you why I created this blog, what you will be seeing more of in my posts, and my overall experience of revamping my website.

Working on it in something amazing!

Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneur, Blogger, Volunteer, Neuroscience,
Interpreter, Coach, Beauty Artist, Wine Educator.

Since I started exploring new ideas and challenges in my life, many of my friends have asked me “Why don’t you start a blog?!” and up until a few months ago did I truly know what a “blog” was. I never clicked on blog links, I never understood WHY people wrote blogs, I just thought it was a waste of time to even look into it. WRONG I WAS. After doing much research and making friends with a few bloggers along the way, who have been so kind to offer much support and advice, I have become completely consumed with inspiration to start a blog . I have finally realized all of the benefits that blogging can bring.


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